Safety Is Our Culture

The key to the success of the Gentzler Electric safety process is tied to the culture of the company as outlined in the Five I Culture.

The Five I Culture


Only through the integration of safety into the work process we will be successful in the complete elimination of accidents.


We must use innovation to develop new safety strategies and methods that take us through each “Step Change” on the road to performance improvement.


High-level safety performance is a key element to success. Superior safety performance is a driver in meeting our business objectives and the objectives of each employee.


In order to achieve the level of superior safety performance required of our company, each employee in the company must be focused on their individual safety performance, the performance of others and the perofrmance of Gentzler Electric.


Our safety performance must be true and gained through honest effort in order to meet the demands of customers, Gentzler Electric, and all employees.

Gentzler Safety Mission Statement

Gentzler Electric believes all incidents and injuries are preventable, and demonstrates this belief thorugh the daily business activites of the Company.