About Gentzler University

At Gentzler Electric Training University we have developed an aggressive multi-level
training program for our employees that they can take advantage of for free.

Our education department consists of trained, certified and experienced personnel who are dedicated to helping our fellow employees become well trained, productive, and skilled at all levels of electrical installations. In addition we place an emphasis on safety training, how to properly implement safety policies, equipment, procedures and to perform safe work practices.

We offer our apprentice level employees a three part series of subjects designed to help electrical apprentices become skilled at various apprentice level tasks. We begin their training with three twelve-week sessions of instruction for our employees to learn subjects as electrician’s math and basic formulas, etc. The third twelve-week session our students concentrate on how to size and protect conductors, learn of voltage drop and how to calculate and adjust for its effects, and are given an introductory understanding of electric motors and air conditioning equipment, electrical products and installation training.

In addition to training for our newer apprentices we also have journeyman preparation classes designed to help our more experienced apprentices prepare for their State of Texas Electrical Journeyman’s Exam. Our employees may continue to take these classes until they accomplish passing their journeyman state exam or continue to study so to stay current regarding all types of electrical requirements.

Also offered are specialty classes regarding all types of electrical related instruction such as new product training, generator installations, lighting controls, NEC code analysis, and safety training.