Gentzler Culture

Whether working with customers, or one of our seasoned employee’s -- everyone who comes in contact with the Gentzler team walks away with the essence of what Gentzler is all about: People who not only work together and are friends, they are a family. People taking care of people, is the lifeblood and foundation of Gentzler Electric.

Investing in people’s talents, appreciating and rewarding their efforts and transparency of communication at all levels and radiates from the top down from the Gentzler leadership team. On these standards and beliefs, Gentzler is a company that is rooted and unsurpassed in Quality, Safety and building long lasting Relationships with our customers and that continues to grow. Our people love their careers, our customers love the quality, and that’s is the Gentzler advantage.

< Leadership Team

Ron Moore

Executive Vice President of Construction Operations

Ron has been in industry for over three decades, and rising to leadership from the ground up has made Ron Moore uniquely qualified in his position as the Executive Vice President at Gentzler. Ron has truly done it all in the industry starting as a helper, learning and growing in the field to obtain his journeyman’s license, becoming a superintendent and learning the art of estimating and even running a brokerage firm of his own allowed Ron to learn in-depth, multiple aspects of the industry.

After meeting and working together with Stan Gentzler and learning about his desire to start his own company, Ron knew that his experience and talent would be put to good use and vastly appreciated. He came to Gentzler as a project manager. Hearing that Stan was hands on,  he lead by example and treated his employees with respect and learned everything first-hand.  Ron contributed greatly to the legacy of the values that Gentzler was built on, and while these qualities may be rare to find, they are essential to true growth and the success of  the business.

Ron prides himself on the fact that every customer who chooses to do business with Gentzler will walk away knowing that they have partnered with a company where safety, honesty and sincerity is paramount, and that together with the team of employees who truly care about their customers, they can achieve greatness on every project. 

Ron has been married for over 35 years and has 3 adult children. He enjoys all types of hunting and most other outdoor activities, and loves to travel.