Gentzler Culture

Whether working with customers, or one of our seasoned employee’s -- everyone who comes in contact with the Gentzler team walks away with the essence of what Gentzler is all about: People who not only work together and are friends, they are a family. People taking care of people, is the lifeblood and foundation of Gentzler Electric.

Investing in people’s talents, appreciating and rewarding their efforts and transparency of communication at all levels and radiates from the top down from the Gentzler leadership team. On these standards and beliefs, Gentzler is a company that is rooted and unsurpassed in Quality, Safety and building long lasting Relationships with our customers and that continues to grow. Our people love their careers, our customers love the quality, and that’s is the Gentzler advantage.

< Leadership Team

George Guzman

VP Personnel Director

George Guzman is a true veteran of Gentzler, starting as an apprentice for in 1997 before the company even existed as it is today. George has steadily risen to the challenge and through the field ranks to become a head safety director for the entire company.

He learned dedication, work ethic and desire for excellence at a young age while growing up in hard-working family with 6 siblings. “Things were not easy growing up, but we always grew up with love of family and taking care of our own.” Becoming a family at work is one of the true benefits he sees woven through the very fabric of the Gentzler culture: “I don’t care if you’re an expert or if it is your first day on the job, when you come here you become my family and we take care of each other.” These are words he would say to every person working along his side. George credits his vast knowledge and experience to becoming a jack-of-all-trades. “There is nothing that I would not do. If something is needed I will figure out a way to get it done!” George has filled all roles from apprentice to foreman and superintendent, and from project manager to instructor, truly mastering each role that he took on.

He is proud to state that safety is paramount for the company. From Mr. Gentzler to management and field team, everyone leads by example, always raising the bar on safety, quality, and filling the needs of every customer they work with. Not only does George oversee every aspect of company safety, he is also one of the invaluable instructors of Gentzler Training University giving practical and hands-on applications to new and advancing employees, as well as allowing them to understand the theory and reasoning behind electrical and construction concepts, not just mechanics of the trade.


George is passionate about family at work and at home. He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren and he fills his time away from work with his love for family, woodworking and every once in a while getting some time away to hunt.