Gentzler Culture

Whether working with customers, or one of our seasoned employee’s -- everyone who comes in contact with the Gentzler team walks away with the essence of what Gentzler is all about: People who not only work together and are friends, they are a family. People taking care of people, is the lifeblood and foundation of Gentzler Electric.

Investing in people’s talents, appreciating and rewarding their efforts and transparency of communication at all levels and radiates from the top down from the Gentzler leadership team. On these standards and beliefs, Gentzler is a company that is rooted and unsurpassed in Quality, Safety and building long lasting Relationships with our customers and that continues to grow. Our people love their careers, our customers love the quality, and that’s is the Gentzler advantage.

< Leadership Team

Trey Kimberling

Chief Estimator

Trey started as a helper in the fall of 1995 and worked his way up the ladder in becoming a Journeyman electrician in 1999. Trey was promoted to superintendent the following year, where he was in charge of several projects for the next 5 years. Trey decided to take an opportunity to move into the office and learn to estimate projects. Trey excelled at estimating and in 2010 became a senior estimator where he took on large projects and conceptual estimating. In 2017 Trey became Gentzler electric’s Chief Estimator and supports our estimating team in the DFW area. 

Trey is also one of our many instructors in our Gentzler University department that develop and educate our young apprentices to help them grow.

Trey has been married for 14 years, and has five kids and one grandchild. 

Trey also enjoys fishing, sport shooting, and spending time with his family.