Gentzler Culture

Whether working with customers, or one of our seasoned employee’s -- everyone who comes in contact with the Gentzler team walks away with the essence of what Gentzler is all about: People who not only work together and are friends, they are a family. People taking care of people, is the lifeblood and foundation of Gentzler Electric.

Investing in people’s talents, appreciating and rewarding their efforts and transparency of communication at all levels and radiates from the top down from the Gentzler leadership team. On these standards and beliefs, Gentzler is a company that is rooted and unsurpassed in Quality, Safety and building long lasting Relationships with our customers and that continues to grow. Our people love their careers, our customers love the quality, and that’s is the Gentzler advantage.

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Blake Richardson

Chief Financial Officer

Blake’s business interests started at a young age while growing up in a family of business owners. He always found himself enjoying accounting and financial aspects of the business world and decided to pursue Accounting and Finance while in college. He joined the Gentzler team as the Chief Financial Officer in 2014 and has added a vast depth of experience in a time of significant growth for the company.

Blake has over 30 years of experience spanning several industries from start-ups and service to manufacturing, and was thrilled to bring his knowledge and experience in construction industry management to a company where emphasis on building relationships with customers and loyalty to employees is the culture of operation. He is proud to be a part of a strong, self-sustaining company where great management and field teams continue to grow the business foundation, and employees are given all resources and tools to fill customers’ needs and achieve success.

His personal interests include golf and travel, and for the last 18 years he has been an avid scuba enthusiast.